Committing to Customer Management

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There are always multiple moving parts to any customer leadership decision that’s right for your business.

The Reality Check Audit pushes the issues you may be grappling with to the surface. If you haven’t taken the time to complete this critical task, do it now. Download the 26-page Reality Check Audit PDF.

Taking the leadership audit with your leaders is a good place to begin the work. This defines the scale of the undertaking and demystifies what is necessary to make a commitment to customer management.  Reaction will give a great indication if this is something the organization is able and willing to take on.

Companies that wire in customer management from the beginning knit the discipline into the organizational DNA. Retrofitting it is always a challenge, especially when strong disciplines of functional excellence exist, but it can be accomplished with clarity of purpose.

Company Wide / Leadership Agreement to do the Work

1. Acknowledgment that there’s a problem

2. Agreement on the issues Define the Work / Drive the First Stage

3. Alignment on how to proceed and know the impact of your power core

4. Commitment to resources

5. Beginning the process and driving company participation

6. Installation of accountability process

7. Guerrilla metrics in place

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