CCO Aptitude #8: Market Back – Market “Hope”

In this CCO job, you’re nothing if you can’t understand what customers and the company needs, deliver it to them, and remind them that you gave it to them.

Listen, Take Action and Promote Any Progress

Marketing back is the promised land to helping customers believe that the company is listening and acting on their words. It jolts the naysayer out of thinking things can’t or won’t get done. It’s absolutely essential to getting the future momentum you need by feeding the organization hope one morsel at a time.

All CCOs need to have a little bravado in them to do this marketing back. They’ve got to be unabashedly proud to toot the horn of the company’s accomplishments. And they’ve got to have the guts and gusto to stump throughout all levels of the organization to get people out of their ruts and into taking action. Shrinking violets need not apply.

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