CCO Aptitude #7: Keep the Troops Positive

Chief Customer Officers with a team have made the case for the competencies they are accountable for bringing to the organization. They have earned funding for a team. But with that team comes the responsibility of keeping them positive and feeling like they are contributing to something that is achievable.

Highlight CX Successes & Provide Meaningful Encouragement

If you are fortunate enough to have a team, find opportunities for them to be a part of the delivery of solutions to operating areas. Look for opportunities to highlight successes, and find engagements where your CEO can give them the meaningful encouragement. Because you are asking your team to be rewarded for non-traditional silo activities that are easy to track – make sure you are specific about what ‘success’ is in terms of their activities and metrics. And connect the dots to the customer experience so that they are constantly aware of their higher purpose to improving customers’ lives.

This team of yours has likely moved from a known silo where reward, recognition and advancement are clear. Work especially hard to ensure that they get the development and kudos they deserve – and that the rest of the organization understands their actions in supporting all of them.

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