Are Your Customers Slipping into Customer Quicksand?

Silo dysfunction is the inability or lack of collaboration inside the corporate machine to link together what it does for and to the customer. As we try (or don’t try) to figure out how to work together, customers sink further and further out of sight. Down they sink into the quicksand we’ve created.

Signs of Slipping info Customer Quicksand

Are Your Customers Slipping into Customer Quicksand?

Not Keeping Customer Score?

Take Action: Track the Rate of Customer Referrals

Take Action: Hold Operating Areas Accountable for Incoming Feedback

No Customer Game Plan?

Take Action: Take the Customer Centricity Reality Check Audit

Power Core Impact on Customer Decisions is Unknown?

Take Action: Know Your Power Core

Disjointed Goals and Metrics?

Take Action: Establish Guerrilla Metrics  and Connect Disjointed Metrics

Take Action: Grow Customers as the Asset of Your Business

No One Owns the Customer Experience?

Take Action: Integrate the Five Customer Experience Compentencies

Take Action: Tap into the Power of Public Accountability

Annual Opportunities Missed?

Take Action: Capitalize on Annual Planning to Manage Customers as Assets

Without collectively managing the impact from managing as siloed organizations, companies will continue to deliver random and defaulted experiences. And this absolutely erodes a customer’s ability to define what sets one company apart from another. It erodes long term customer profitability. Most companies inflict customer pain. Sometimes the end game for customers becomes merely to pick the one that will inflict the least pain. Is that how you want to differentiate yourself?

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