Beloved Companies Decide to Be There for Customers

It’s an everyday charge up the hill to be there for customers in ways that are important to them. Beloved companies gladly do the hard work. They’re in the scrimmage every day to earn the right for their customers to return.

Beloved companies think and rethink how to conduct themselves, so they earn the right to their customers’ continued business. The “experience” they deliver is far more than the execution of an operating plan. They leave customers thinking, “Who else would have done this?” “Where else could I get this?” “I want to do this again.”

By creating reliability in the way you do business, and fusing that with moments of contact delivered from the customer’s point of view, you earn the right to grow.

Decision 4: Decide to Be There for Customers

Do You Know Your Customers?
Do Customers Look Forward to Seeing You?
Have You Planned for Heroic Acts of Kindness?
Do You Accept the Order and the Responsibility?
What’s Your Service Magnet?
Can You Blur the Line between Customer and Company?
When Your Service Providers Change . . . Do You Provide Continuity of Service?
Can You Jump a Fence to Serve a Customer?
Is You Experience Memorable?

The interactions customers have with a company prove how much forethought was put into these key touch points.  Reliability fuels customer stories about experiences with the companies they love. Having the ability to make decisions in this manner is within your reach.


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