What Decisions Make You a “Beloved Company”?

Beloved companies know they are defined in the fleeting moments of a customer interaction.

They know the actions that come from their decisions indicate what they value. They know their actions show how much the company considered the customer. They know the company’s actions give customers a glimpse of who they are as people.

In a world that is spinning so fast, we crave what the beloved companies deliver. Beloved companies share five active and purposeful decisions which inform and motivate their conduct.

The Five Decisions of a Beloved Company

  1. They decide to believe
  2. They decide with clarity of purpose
  3. They decide to be real
  4. They decide to be there
  5. They decide to say sorry

The simplicity of these five decisions belies the rigor and passion by which they are reached and need to be defended. All of the beloved companies make these humanity-defining decisions, which set the course of their businesses and earn the right to their customers’ devotion, and to their story.

Use the decisions to understand the intent and motivation behind your decisions, and how your decisions compare to those that resonate with employees and customers.

  • What decisions will you make to become a “beloved company”?
  • Are you beloved?
  • What decisions make you a “beloved company”?

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  • Five easy ways for corporations to do a ‘gut check’ on how they are treating customers. Thanks for giving us this list!

    • jeanne

      You are very welcome! It’s so hard for people to see how to translate this to real behaviors and actions. Hope this helps!


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