Uniting Your Leadership Team begins with a Code of Conduct

The lens for making decisions varies by leader. Each has a different definition of how well the company is growing. They measure it by their own internal deliverables and metrics. This creates confusion for employees and that confusion results in the random and inconsistent treatment customers receive.

Without a conversation that unites leaders in what I call their operational ‘code of conduct’ for how the company will and will not grow, employees don’t have a clear road map for how to steer their decisions.

Use the CX journey framework and encourage your leadership team to think tactically through the customer experience, stage by stage:

  • What must the company always do for customers to honor them and earn the right to grow?
  • What should the company never do to customers to dishonor them or their time?

Most leadership teams don’t put the deep thinking into answering these questions stage by stage of the customer experience. As a result, decisions are driven by silo objectives and inside out goals and metrics.

After this initial effort is worked through with customers and employees, it gives your organization clarity about how to make decisions. It’s a powerful first step in embedding the customer journey to inform and enable decision-making. 



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