The Power Core Impacts the Integration of CX Competencies

Successful customer handoffs require a chain of actions across the enterprise. These actions need to create a reliable experience for the customer and be second nature in organizations wanting to become proficient at managing customer relationships and customer profitability.

The power core of your company develops certain skills and pays less attention to others, so it has an impact on the ease at which cross-company CX competencies can be developed and integrated.

It’s critical to figure out how strong the power core is in advocating the CX competencies. You need to know how interested they are in coming to the customer party.

Ask questions to learn how natural the customer experience competencies reside within the power core and the scale of the challenge for driving customer focus and profitability.

Once you begin to understand the true priorities of your organization because of the pull of your company’s power core – you can finally determine the best path to follow to weave in the customer.

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Six Common Power Cores

1. Product

2. Marketing

3. Sales

4. Vertical Business

5. Information Technology (IT)

6. Customer



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