The Journey Map Starts with Customers’ Lives

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The power of a Journey Map

The real transformational power in building a customer (and employee) journey map is to embed a new starting point for the work of the organization. Instead of starting with the silos, the journey gives you a frame to start with customers’ lives.

Companies that transform how they grow and are deliberate about it, do so because they think about the people at the end of their decisions. The intent of their work is to “earn the right” to grow by improving the life.

Journey Maps as part of a Journey Framework

A journey framework, even in its simplest form when used with consistency provides rigor to understand where the priorities in customers’ lives are.   By using the journey to look comprehensively across what the company delivers, it enables leadership to make choices. This moves the work from ‘boiling the ocean,’ trying to drive improvement on all the touchpoints to focusing on those that matter most in the lives of customers.

This establishes a framework for leaders to use in how they talk about the business, and how they drive accountability. That is, across the life versus down the silos. Every leader I have worked with and every leadership team I have coached have asked for language in a simple manner to help them galvanize people around customer-driven growth. The customer journey provides that talk track.

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