Ten Questions to Help Measure a “Beloved Company”

Beloved companies decide differently than everybody else. Acutely aware of how their every action impacts how customers feel and respond to them, they take the time to make purposeful decisions about the contacts they have with customers. Beloved companies make a choice. They actively decide to connect who they are as people with the decisions they make in how they run their business.

Answer ten questions to determine how close you are to being a beloved and prosperous company: Is Your Company Beloved?

  1. Do your customers talk about your belief in them?
  2. Do your customers give you referrals?
  3. Do your customers want you in their lives?
  4. Do your customers grow your business for you?
  5. Do your customers say they love you?
  6. Do your employees feel treated like partners?
  7. Do your employees know you believe in them?
  8. Do your employees have a seat at the table?
  9. Do your employees become part of the story of your business?
  10. Do your employees have permission to impact customers’ lives?

When customers love you, they’ll turn to you when a particular product or service is needed, and they’ll turn to you first (regardless of the competition). They will tell your story, forming an army of cheerleaders and publicists urging friends, neighbors, colleagues, even strangers to experience your company.

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