Rethink How You Do Business to Embed Goodwill: How H-E-B is Helping the Elderly During COVID-19

In each episode of the Daily Dose of OPTIMISM, I want to share acts of goodness that will drive and will earn both human and financial prosperity, as we work our way out of this.

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Today, I want to talk about the grocery store chain H-E-B, which is showing their humanity in a very special way. As we’ve talked about before, we have a moment in time right now to rethink how we do business, to embed goodwill and good acts into it, to become memorable, to become unforgettable for how we responded in this moment, and for how we helped our people and our customers.

Focus On the Core Needs and Issues

Now we know the elderly are having a hard time getting their groceries, getting their care. And what H-E-B is focused and dedicated on doing is working on the core issues that prevent people from getting their groceries. So they’ve donated $3 million to three things:

#1: They’re donating to food banks that are delivering food personally. This prevents some of the fear that the elderly have by even driving and going to grocery stores.

#2: They’re investing in the community to go out and deliver it.

#3: They are also investing in the people to go be and give that humanity of the delivery to the elderly.

So by really focusing on the core issue of the elderly being hungry, they’re donating food; they’re adding to the infrastructure that makes it easier for them to get food; and they’re also contributing to the human-centered community that is in place to support them.

So rather than simply opening up a few hours earlier to serve their elderly customers, they’re really adapting to the true needs of the elderly.

In this Daily Dose of OPTIMISM!, we look at @HEB and how they're addressing the elderly's grocery needs in three core ways during these difficult times. #CX #LeadershipBravery #UnforgettableCompanies Share on X

Rethink How You Can Help Your Community

So take this example and rethink about your business. Is there a sector of your community that really does need your help?

And how can you bring your people together and brainstorm what they need?

Just think about it this way:

#1: Can you reallocate resources to already helping them, but in a different way, in a way that reduces fear or concern?

#2: Can you really enlist the community that may have already have systems in place to do this and need your help financially?

#3: As always, give your people a seat at the table, if not personally being part of the delivery, being part of brainstorming that new delivery system.

That’s it for me in this Daily Dose of OPTIMISM! Just remember that we have a moment here to really earn a place in people’s hearts about how we respond at this time. It’s our humanity that people will remember and that, I promise you, will deliver back human and financial prosperity as we get through this together.

We have a moment here to really earn a place in people's hearts about how we respond at this time. It's our humanity that people will remember. #CX #Humanity #UnforgettableBusiness Share on X

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