Memory Creation is the Currency of Your Brand

Are you leaving customer memories to chance?

Beloved companies identify the experiences they deliver. They know the memory they want customers to have, make decisions to create it, and take action to prepare their people and operations to deliver it.

Their clarity of purpose gives them a lens to go beyond merely executing tasks to delivering points of contact that connect with their customer’s lives. Clarity of purpose expands the definition of work – from science to saving lives, from selling homes to delivering the American Dream. Companies with clarity of purpose can turn task-oriented decisions into choices that differentiate them.

In the beloved companies:

  • Decisions connect and are guided by a common purpose.
  • Clarity of purpose elevates the work of everyone in the organization.

Every type of business prospers when purpose steers decision making. People across your company live up to the promises you make. Customers become emotionally connected with you and want others to experience what you deliver. Their stories of your service, experience, and people become the folklore that defines you. And customers become your sales force, telling your story to everyone they know, fueling your growth.

What level of clarity guides your decisions?

How many different versions of your experience are being told?

Why You Need Clarity of Purpose What’s Your Promise?


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