Marketing Hope

In a Customer Leadership job, you must understand what customers and the company need, deliver it to them, and remind them that you gave it to them.

Marketing hope helps customers believe that the company is listening and acting on their words. It jolts the naysayer out of thinking things can’t or won’t get done. It’s absolutely essential to getting the future momentum you need by feeding the organization hope one morsel at a time.

With every decision you make, employees and customers are watching, and they know when your actions match your words.

Employees will model the example you set by your decisions. You need to give them permission with good examples to follow. This is marketing hope. There’s a deliberateness that leaders must learn to take in decision-making. It’s making good decisions and marketing them, which will give the transformation life. Your decisions create clarity and give people permission to model them in their behavior. People inside your organization will be looking to your leaders to see if their language and personal behaviors have changed.

  •  As you make decisions that are in alignment with your commitment, employees need to know these decisions. This gives them ongoing clarity on actions that they can model and a continued connection to the “why?”
  • As you market hope and examples that people can emulate, use the customer journey to give context to customers’ lives, rather than celebrating silo victories.



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