Important CX watch: Danny Meyer on 60 Minutes

Above is the profile of restaurant entrepreneur Danny Meyer (Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack) which aired on 60 Minutes last Sunday. You can read an associated article here.

As many of us probably already understand, the restaurant industry has razor-thin margins. While you can compete on cost (fast food), it’s very hard to only compete on cost. The quality of the experience is essential. Danny Meyer has been at the forefront of restaurant/hospitality CX for years, as indicated in this 2012 Fast Company profile.

Watch the 60 Minutes video above if you get a chance, and watch until the end. The central narrative is about how 9 of his 15 restaurants are eliminating tipping — it’s called “Hospitality Included” and you essentially pay what you would have paid on a 20% tip anyway — but he has a number of great quotes about experience design and aligning around experience. It’s well worth a watch even if you don’t work anywhere near hospitality, because it can get you thinking in a number of new ways.

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