Beloved Companies Decide to Be Real

Beloved companies shed their fancy packaging and break down the barriers between “big company, little customer.” The relationship is between people who share the same values and revel in each other’s foibles, quirks, and spirit. That’s what draws them to each other.

It’s not easy being real; being this transparent with customers takes guts. And only the companies who really know who they are can be “real” consistently—no matter where customers interact inside the company. Beloved companies decide to create a safe place where the personality and creativity of people come through. They are beloved by those customers who gravitate to their particular brand of personality,

Decision 3: Decide to be Real

Here is your set of decisions to help you evaluate how real and authentic you seem to customers by the decisions you make:
Do You Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes?
What’s Your “White Paper Bag”?
Is Your Communication “Vanilla”?
What Does Your Underbelly Say About You?
How Do You Stay Connected to Customers?
What Gets Between You and Your Customers?
Do You Encourage Flexibility and Gut?
How Do You Show What Your Made Of?
Is Mutual Respect a Core Competency?

More about how you stay connected to customers:
Why Does Your Company Tweet?

More about deciding to be real:
Is The Best Version of You at Work?
Do You Connect Your “Personal” Self with Your Business “Self”?
How Does Your Company Grow?

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