Five CCO Priorities for the Early Years

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How CCO Priorities Evolve

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) role will evolve as you progress in implementing the five competencies and moving through the customer experience maturity phases: Commit, Unite & Build, Embed, Mature, and Elevate.

Years one through three are what I call the “disruption and blocking and tackling years.” People know how to achieve results within their silo walls. So, embedding CX competencies to focus the organization to work together (and unite actions and behavior) will disrupt deeply rooted silo based operations and leadership, definitions and metrics for success, work implementation and organizational habits.

Building a Plan Of Action

Successful CCOs deliberately build a plan of action in these early years to improve customers’ lives and earn customer-driven growth. It will include these priorities:

1. Unite

Unite leader actions, decisions and behavior for customer-driven growth.

2. Convince

Convince the organization; through listening and understanding them, that one-company focus will improve their results.

3. Build

Build and embed actions and competencies to achieve greater results.

4. Fix

Fix unreliable priority customer experiences. Remove employee obstacles.

5. Prove

Prove the connection to customer and employee advocacy and growth. Deliver value. Earn the right to continue the word. Enable employee performance.


“Early Years” is approximately years one through three, depending on the size and complexity of the organization and ability to effect.




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