Evaluate Your Current Customer Experience Bookends

We know through social media that customers remember your “hello” and “goodbye.”

Are you deliberate in the memories you deliver at the beginning and ending moments of customer contact? When you map out the customer experience stages, step away from ‘executing tasks’ and focus on the customer experience you want to deliver. To plan reliable delivery, you must know the customer emotions involved in the experience from beginning to end. If you deliver great personalized service, but parking is a nightmare, you still have a hurdle to clear.

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Clarity Challenge: Creating ­Customer Experience Bookends

  • How would you rate your intent and ability to create purposeful moments of customer contact?
  • How would your customers say you are doing?
  • Do customers rave about a memorable experience?
  • How does your decision for delivering planned and purposeful contacts – from beginning to end – compare with the profiled beloved company?
  • Do your decisions for creating memorable bookends earn you “Beloved” status today?

Take Action: What are the most powerful moments of contact in your customers’ experiences?

Identify one way to plan the experience to create memories, not just execute tasks on your “to do” lists.


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