Eliminate Clashing Silos from the Customer’s Experience

The fact of the matter is that it’s the unusual organization that’s set up to let people think and act collectively on behalf of customers. We’re stuck in our dueling silos making independent decisions; taking isolated actions for the purpose of executing our discipline, achieving good numbers and earning a good review.

This is the breeding ground for the lack of respect customers feel and the discontent they have with us. The typical silo structure bumps the customer disjointedly along. The independently planned actions of each silo clash and clang into a seemingly dim-witted chain of events that has the customer thinking; “Do they talk even to each other?” or “What are they thinking?”

We force customers to figure out our organization charts in order to do business with us. We deliver discontinuity in the experience where the organizational breaks exist.  It is in these hand-offs that customer failures occur. Defaulted customer experiences often break where organizational breaks exist.

Simplify the roadmap for customers. Make the experience reliable, clear and beneficial to the customer.

Find your power source for bonding with customers. Connect with customers as they experience your products and services.

Are you eating your food, wearing your clothes and experiencing the same service you deliver to customers?

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