Do You Need a Chief Customer (or Experience) Officer?

Throwing head count at the customer challenge is not necessarily the automatic solution for your organization.

Access the slide share and answer the questions to understand your company’s ability to advance the customer work without a Chief Customer Officer or Chief Experience Officer:

Will Those Tasks Happen Without Some One to Spearhead Them?  Does Your Organization Need a Chief Customer Officer?

Having the operational areas own the responsibility and share the administrative parts of this work would be ideal.  I’ve just not seen many evolved companies who are ready for this.  It’s the pushing and prodding part of the work that most companies need someone to spearhead.

  • Determine if you agree that this is the list of tasks which would accelerate the customer agenda and management of customer profitability.   
  • Then consider how these activities are being led and driven now. 
  • Are current efforts giving you the results you need?

Want to Know More about Establishing a Successful Chief Customer Officer or Chief Experience Officer Role at Your Company?

Read Chief Customer Officer.

Contact Jeanne to learn more.

Jeanne has spent her entire career in the role of Chief Customer Officer.  Today she offers services to work with you to identify the company’s capacity for adding the Chief Customer Officer role through job description, selection and customer leadership coaching.

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