Do You Have “Lightening Rod” Clarity of Purpose?

Beloved companies begin with a notion, an idea fueled by passion about their greater purpose for improving customers’ lives. It doesn’t matter if they are selling electronics or food, or saving lives; conviction helps them stay the course. Even in the face of sacrifice and (yes, sometimes) pain, beloved companies press on for customers. They persevere until they get it right.

Clarity of purpose binds everyone together and moves the company toward a common goal. Companies are able to resist the pull of “normal” business practices to create a powerful human connection with their customers.

People respond to a lightning rod message that will give meaning to their work.  The clearer the purpose, the better the results will be.

Leaders need to be perfectly clear on where the company is headed.

A mentor once quoted Benjamin Franklin to me when he said: “I would have written you a one page letter if I had the time, but instead here are three.” It takes longer to crystallize your thoughts into meaning that can be delivered simply. It means that you have processed your intentions down to their critical points.

Take  the time to write that one-pager for your company.  They’ll thank you for it. And you’ll get a return from that investment in saved time, saved resources and course corrections.

Do you have the all information you need to clarify your thoughts?

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