Do You Enable Service Delivery?

How your company takes action and how you stitch the actions together makes a huge difference for the front line.

You need to know if there is a chasm in perception of commitment and action as you move forward in the customer experience work.

Here’s a mini reality check audit. Read the statements and determine how strongly you believe the action is successfully executed: Never – 0. Sometimes – 1. Usually – 2. Always – 3.

The statements are the actions to undertake if you are serious about managing customer profitability as part of the regular course of your business.

  1. The front line has clarity on the role they play in delivering the customer experience.
  2. Service values are well communicated, understood, and translated to performance standards and in objectives.
  3. You regularly listen to frontline personnel to understand and remove the barriers they face in service delivery.
  4. Customer feedback and skill coaching and development are provided to elevate service.
  5. The front line receives the tools that enable them to have the most efficient and effective interaction with customers.
  6. Customer contact personnel are able to identify high-priority customers during their service interactions.
  7. Customer data connecting all of the customer interactions are provided to customer-facing personnel so they can manage and understand the comprehensive customer relationship.
  8. Service providers participate in the development of the customer experience.

Take Action:

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