CX Competency #5 – “One Company” CX Culture

“One Company” Customer Experience Culture is about leadership, organizational dynamics and communication.  The companies that are most successful at the customer experience work address the work across the silos as well as how leaders enable the organization to work together.

This “One Company” culture begins with creating simple and clear actions for the leaders, middle managers  and frontline to work together.  Getting the answers to create the “One Company” customer experience culture is frequently the “heavy lifting” work of gaining unified traction.

For Leaders:

  • How do they get rid of the roadblocks?
  • How are leaders enabling the organization to work?
  • How are decisions made?
  • What actions are people rewarded and recognized for?

For the Middle Managers:

  • How do they work together across the silos?
  • How do they get rid of some of their own policies and procedures that they “own” but that get in the way of a united experience?
  • How do they make decisions as they do their work?

For the Frontline:

  • How do we hire folks congruent with our core values?
  • How do we enable and train the frontline to bring their best qualities to work?
  • How do we involve them in the customer experience work?

Take Action: 4 Actions to Kick-Start “One Company Culture”

To get started on your one company culture, I suggest four simple actions you can do now without spending much money. All it takes is passion, commitment and making customer experience a priority.

Download “4 Actions to Kick Start “One Company Culture”

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