Clarifying the Role of the CCO – Competency #5

Competency #5: Leadership, Accountability and Culture

Leadership behaviors are required for embedding the five competencies.

For this work to be transformative and stick, it must be more than a customer manifesto. Commitment to customer-driven growth is proven with actions and choices. To emulate culture, people need examples. They need proof. Competency 5 is the glue that puts into practice leadership behaviors required by a united leadership team to enable and earn sustainable customer asset growth.

The role of the Chief Customer Officer is to work with the leadership team in building the consistent behaviors, decision-making, and company engagement that will prove to the organization that leaders are united in their commitment beyond words.

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This post is part of the article “Five Competencies for Chief Customer Officers” that originally appeared in the free eBook The 2015 Customer Experience Outlooka collection of ideas from customer experience authors, designers, and industry leaders.

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