Clarifying the Role of the CCO – Competency #3

Competency #3: Build a Customer Listening Path

Seek Input and Understanding, Aligned to the Customer Journey.

Competency 3 unites your organization to build a “one company” listening system constantly refreshing with multiple sources of quantitative, qualitative, and experiential feedback to tell the story of your customers’ experience, guided by the customer journey framework.

The role of the Chief Customer Officer is to engage leaders and the organization to want to be a part of “one company” storytelling to unite decision-making and drive cross-company focus and action. That’s why I’ve coined this competency as building a customer “listening path.”

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1. Identify your opportunities for unaided (volunteered) customer feedback

2. Evaluate how you’re doing with aided listening

3. Determine your listening system

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1. Organize the categories of incoming customer information.

2. Track the volume and trend of comments and issues, and separate them into operational areas.

3. Assign accountability  for the resolution of issues with high feedback counts.

4. Drive accountability metrics and compensation around the reduction and resolution of issues.

5. Make reliability performance part of the ongoing leadership talk track

Building a customer listening path is part of the article “Five Competencies for Chief Customer Officers” that originally appeared in the free eBook The 2015 Customer Experience Outlooka collection of ideas from customer experience authors, designers, and industry leaders.

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