CCO Aptitude #4: Persist!

When you are considering a candidate for the CCO position, first listen for passion. Then probe for persistence.

Ask CCO candidates how they do with resistance.

Do they thrive on it or just survive?

These should be the times that really get a potential CCO’s adrenaline flowing. I can’t tell you how many times I was running on fumes doing this work. This is when the person in the CCO job has to remain stronger and more committed than ever. I know there were some folks who hoped I would just burn out finally and go away. No chance. This is when stamina for the long journey is most important.

Required: To Remain Motivated for the Long Haul

Fundamental to CCO passion and persistence is the ability to stay motivated for the long haul of the work. The CCO needs to be close enough to the end game to stay motivated even when it’s off into the future. CCO’s must harness that passion regularly to sell the virtues of the work and the journey to believers and non-believers. They’ve got to believe in it enough to stake their reputation on making it happen. This is not one of those jobs you can rotate people into. There’s no faking passion. You either thrive in driving change or you don’t. Make sure you hire someone with these attributes, and make sure you’ve got them yourself if it’s your job to drive the action.


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