5 Must-Hear Conversations About Leadership and Relationship-Building

Throughout these uncertain times of the pandemic, I’ve been fortunate to bring you conversations with incredible business leaders, authors, and experts through my podcast, The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show, and through LinkedIn Live. These individuals have all had insightful advice and anecdotes to help us think through how to approach current business models and future ones, given how rapidly things are changing in the world.

Below, I’ve compiled key quotes and takeaways from a few of the folks I’ve recently spoken with:

1. Yamini Rangan, CCO of HubSpot

In this podcast, CCO of Hubspot, Yamini Rangan, a perennial CCO, discusses the importance of unifying teams to work towards a common goal.

She also shares strategies and tactics that have helped HubSpot navigate through the difficulties of the pandemic. Yamini’s emphasis on leadership has helped HubSpot quickly adjust to a new working style to accommodate the needs of both employees and customers.

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2. Leslie Stretch, CEO of Medallia

Leslie introduces the concept of leveraging the “signal field” in our interview. Leslie and I discuss the idea that the future will be a hybrid of high-tech and high-touch experiences. We can prepare for this future by gaining a deeper understanding of customers and employees through various touchpoints.

These touchpoints include video, text, and voice messaging, which gives CX leaders more opportunities to see the bigger picture. By gathering data from all of these “signal fields,” you’re not as bound to survey scores.

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3. Tom Peters, Author & Keynote Speaker

Tom Peters and I spoke during the beginning of the pandemic when folks were just settling into their new routines. During our conversation,  Tom has us thinking about the importance of hiring and having people skills.

With his belief that business people are “people serving people,” Tom helps us realize that you need a strong team by your side to usher your company through hard times.

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4. Horst Schulze, Author & Co-Founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

In this fascinating conversation, Horst Schulze reminds us that you must always thank employees and customers for the ways they’ve contributed to your success. He emphasizes that when times are hard, you really have to sit down and agonize over your plan moving forward, which is a tough thing to do when you have to consider layoffs.

Ultimately, Horst says that business leaders have to effectively communicate with their employees regarding what’s being done and why. They must also ask themselves the question, “Am I serving all concerned?”

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5. Robbie Kellman-Baxter, Author & Consultant

Robbie, the author of The Forever Transaction, is best known as the person who coined the term “the membership economy.” In this conversation, Robbie talks about how to develop growth strategies through subscription-based models, which is an increasingly popular route for companies these days.

In our conversation, Robbie makes it clear that simple subscription services that steer clear of overly-complicated tiers are easier for customers to understand and therefore more successful. Robbie has shifted the way we look at and interact with customers; she implores us to focus on the long-teal aspect of these relationships.

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