More Than Just a Customer Experience Trend: 3 Top Shared Customer Bliss Blog Posts

3 Top Shared Customer Bliss Blog Posts

As I look back at an article I previously wrote – What will CX Look Like in 2017, I’m excited to see some of the progress that has been made in the industry. There’s a continuing focus on brands improving customer experience to lead customer-driven growth. They realize that this is an investment that will be incredibly helpful if they want to be competitive. We monitor trends to be sure we can be on top of “what’s happening next,” but honestly, there are also some core components of customer experience that will always be in place, which is why I continue to stress working within my framework of the five competencies 

I’d like to share some of the most popular and most-shared content from the Customer Bliss blog. As you may know, I’m incredibly passionate about my work, and I’m thankful that you take the time to read thoughts from myself and others in this industry. These articles, though written some time ago, are still highly relevant, and apparently you think so too – so, let’s get to it!

  1. How to Say “Sorry” in Customer Experience Failures: In this article, I talk about the importance of being a brand that knows how to genuinely apologize. A beloved company understands that a good apology strengthens the bond between customers and the company. And not only does this company apologize, they have a recovery plan in place to “wow” customers when things go wrong. In this post, I share 5 examples of how beloved companies, such as Netflix and L.L. Bean have set up internal systems to earn back customers’ good graces when a misstep has occurred.
  2. Customer Experience Labs: Your Strategic Weapon: Does your company have a customer experience lab? How do you determine how your clients or customers will react to a new product or service – or more importantly, how they interact with your brand? In this post, I explain the benefits of offering a curated environment staffed with a range of brand professionals to help your audience engage with your brand in a way that allows you to gain valuable customer insights.
  3. Why You Should Love Lyft more than Uber: In tying back to one of my core competencies that you have to treat your customers as assets, which also includes your employees – I take a look at how Lyft treats its customers (drivers) and how that impacts its business. Lyft treats its customers better and their satisfaction scores seem to indicate that they are happier than Uber drivers. Find out the 4 main reasons why you should love Lyft more than Uber.

As we look to 2018, we see that technology is impacting a lot of customer experience trends. I also hope that with this trend, companies will use more data to deepen customer insights and understandings – always starting with the thought of improving a customer’s life. Technology is great, but we have to remember to bring it back to emotions – how are we making the customer feel, and are we improving their lives?

So, tell me – what has your favorite post of mine been and what do you look forward to seeing more of in the future? 

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    Thank you this was great! We’d live to see more used cases from organisations around the world, and what they’re doing to improve their CX.

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