10 Question Audit: Do Customers Love You?

To move toward becoming a beloved company is to rethink how you make decisions. Helping you reconfigure how your company makes decisions that impact customers is what I want to provide. It is one of the best ways I know to help you become beloved.

Go to my 10 question online audit on Customer Bliss:  Is Your Company Beloved? 

You will receive a high-level snapshot on how close you are to being a “beloved” company.

Rather than giving you a “one size fits all” solution, I’m giving you questions to evaluate and understand your business from your customers’ point of view.  Like most of the best leaders I’ve met in my life who asked more questions than they gave answers, the five decisions include targeted questions and company profiles, so that you can gain a greater understanding about what helps or hinders your bond with customers.

The questions will lead you to answers best suited for your business, for your people, and for your customers.  You will find that the inside of the clock – the inner workings behind the scenes – is different in the beloved companies. The intent and motivation steering their decisions inspire acts that bond customers to them.

Ask yourself: “What do our decisions say about who we are and what we value?”

Use this question to understand the intent and motivation behind your decisions today and how they compare to those that resonate with employees and customers: decisions that drive their growth and prosperity.

Show your customers you deserve their business by deciding how you will run yours.


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