Employee Experience

We Lead You to Transform Employee Experiences…to Earn the Right to Growth

“With Jeanne’s coaching, and our readiness to advance the Alteryx customer experience, I was excited to
see our people focused and delivering results for our customers. Jeanne accelerated our ability to see and
act on what customers value, leading us to achieve measurable results.”
Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx


Often CULTURE and EXPERIENCE are considered separate entities. What I suggest instead, which is transformative…is to improve employees’ lives, so they can add value to customers’ lives. Blend operations and culture using the customer journey map to identify and prioritize actions.


These are My Services for Enabling Employees to Deliver Across the Customer Journey

We use the customer journey map to connect ‘culture’ operationally with tactics employees will understand and appreciate. We facilitate leaders in making decisions and dedicating resources that eliminate barriers to value delivery, improving both employees’ and customers’ lives.

1. Code of Conduct for Enabling Employees to Deliver Value

Once your customer journey map is completed, we set the course for enabling employees to deliver value by experience stage. This is a facilitated session held with your leaders and employees from every silo that impacts your customer journey. In this session we facilitate leaders and employees to evaluate how reliably the company enables the employee to deliver value in each stage, and to establish a ‘code of conduct for enabling employees to be honored and deliver value by stage. What must the company always do for employees specific to each journey stage to enable them to deliver value, and was must they never do by stage, to inhibit employees? My goal is to coach you on this process so that you can continue to hold these sessions across your company. To learn more about this service, contact Jeanne.


2. Requirements Roadmap: Value Delivery Across the Customer Journey

This is a comprehensive workout using your customer journey framework. Starting with what customers want to achieve and what they value most by stage, we build out your map of requirements to enable employee delivery. Workshops with groups of employees and customers are involved as necessary and customized by client. This includes profile/skills for value delivery by stage, as well as tools, materials, support to enable value delivery. It gives you a map that syncs to customers’ priorities and their journey to guide employee development and enablement. If you are interested in this service, please contact Jeanne.

3. Let’s Build Your “Kill a Stupid Rule” Movement

It is my pleasure to help you build out one of the most joyous and energizing efforts you can do for employees: The “Kill a Stupid Rule” Movement. This is one of the early actions we do in my coaching engagements to prove to employees that customer-centric culture change is really happening. When put into place correctly with communication, some whimsy, and fearless acceptance by leaders and rewards for participants, this does start a movement. It puts a spark of energy into the company and keeps the company focused on enabling employees to deliver value. If you are interested in this service, please contact Jeanne.


To transform your employee experiences, to earn the right to growth, contact Jeanne.


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