Bob Thomas 158
June 20, 2019

Building Culture and Customer and Employee Experience at The YMCA [PODCAST]

We explore improving CX at a large-scale non-profit, specifically at the YMCA (the Y). I chat with Bob Thomas, the first chief experience officer at the Y, who serves the twin cities, the Greater Minneapolis St. Paul area.

Chester Twigg Episode 157
June 14, 2019

How Johnson & Johnson Creates Value for Customers and Employees [PODCAST]

How does a global consumer brand create value for its customers, consumers, and employees? In today’s episode, we talk to Chester Twigg, the first global chief customer officer at Johnson & Johnson.

June 4, 2019

Reward Employees for Congruence of Heart and Habit

In our lives as customers, we find hope, encouragement, and joy in companies who act with “congruence of heart and habit” – taking actions at work grounded in what they learned at home. In today’s Daily Dose, I want to share a story with you that helps illustrate what wonderful things can happen when companies empower and encourage their employees to act with this concept in mind.

Scott Allison 152
May 10, 2019

How DHL Became More Customer-Focused, with CCO Scott Allison [PODCAST]

How does a logistics company shift its gears to become more customer-focused? Scott Allison, the Chief Customer Officer of DHL’s supply chain, shares some strategies and tactics around communicating the brand’s message, telling the customer story, and improving employee and customer experience.

Horst Schulze
March 21, 2019

3 Keys to Creating Excellence in Your Customer and Employee Experience with Horst Schulze [PODCAST]

Horst Schulze knows a thing or two about creating excellent customer service and experience and has some great insights to share with us—many more of which can be found in his latest book, Excellence Wins.

February 21, 2019

3 Tactics to Transform CX and Employee Development From a Telecommunications Company [PODCAST]

Rekha Weerasooriya, General Manager of Customer Experience Management and People Development at Dialog Axiata, the number one telecommunications provider in Sri Lanka, shares tactics regarding CX management and employee experience development.

February 1, 2019

How the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Approaches the Visitor Experience [PODCAST]

This conversation with Rhiannon Hoeweler, the Vice President of Visitor Experience, Strategy, and Fun at The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden reminds me that we can’t forget about the importance of the customer experience when it comes to cultural institutions. I hope you enjoy this episode, as Rhiannon and I chat about planning the zoo’s visitor experience.

November 23, 2018

Best of the Podcast: Revamp Your Employee Experience By Rethinking Your Hiring Methods [PODCAST]

Today, I’m replaying one of our most popular episodes from 2018 about the employee experience and building customer loyalty at Hertz with Eric Smuda, VP of Customer Experience and Loyalty. In today’s replay notes, we’re going to focus on Eric’s approach to employee experience at Hertz.

Implement These 5 Tactics to Improve Employee Experience
November 1, 2018

Implement These 5 Tactics to Improve Employee Experience [PODCAST]

As a business leader, do you think about how your approach to hiring impacts your organization and customer experience? In today’s podcast episode, I’m revisiting conversations with two previous guests, Mary Winfield, VP of Customer Experience and Trust at Lyft, and Carolyne Matseshe-Crawford, Head of Fan Experience at Fanatics. Both of these women place a strong value on employee experience, and you’ll hear some of their strategies regarding implementation tactics.