May 31, 2016

The Value Of Building Bridges For Customer Experience, with Curtis Kopf [CB7] [PODCAST]

I talk with Curtis Kopf in this episode. Curtis was deeply embedded with customer experience at Alaska Airlines before moving to Premara Blue Cross. We discuss the value of building bridges, listening tours, asking the right questions, using analytics wisely, and how conversations drive customer experience.

June 4, 2015

Bring the Silos together in the Customer Room

Silos need to make cross-functional collaboration a part of all they do to ensure that the handoffs across the organization are executed for optimum customer interactions. As a leader, you’ll need to ask the questions constantly about whether people are engaging in this important collaboration. The accountability forum that highlights these issues is the customer room, which brings the organization together to think “experience” rather than “my silo.”

July 17, 2014

Customer Hand-offs Require Collaboration

Silo dysfunction is the inability or lack of collaboration inside the corporate machine to link together what it does for and to the customer. Customers are lost in the handoffs between your departments and you lose sight of them when they fall in the cracks between the silos. One of the hardest skills will be for the company to learn how to work cross-functionally.