Donors as Assets at St. Jude Hospital
April 19, 2016

How St. Jude Honors Donors as Assets, With Martin Hand – [CB1] [PODCAST]

I speak to Martin Hand, who’s currently CCO of St. Jude but previously held the same role at United Airlines. What’s the difference between customer (or donor)-facing work in non-profit and for-profit? He explains. (Hint: It’s not as big as we think.)

July 13, 2012

4. CEOs Should Accelerate CCO Value Right Away

Put the CCO in the position of doing specific and tangible work within the first month of the job.

Make the first order of business driving the metrics of customer loyalty and customer profitability. This is what I call the customer math for your company.

Another potent first-quarter action for a new CCO is to understand how the company collects and uses incoming customer information. This pushes past the concept of the CCO job, moving involvement into the tactical work of the operation.