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Are employees thriving?

This is an opportunity area for you. Please keep in mind, that “what’s on the inside shows up on the outside.” Leadership is about enabling people to rise.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Consider bringing employees together to ask them what’s getting in their way of delivering value. But ask them by stage of your customer journey….or by customer goal. Then…do something about those things…and market your actions back to them to prove your commitment.
  • Look at the way you hire – do you hire the “human behind the resume?”
  • Take a look at my resources page, “Enabling People to Rise” for more help in your journey.

And I’m always here to help too.

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Do our customers feel understood, appreciated & cared for?

This is an opportunity area for you.

Earning the trust and respect of your customers is earned first by respecting and honoring them. Here are a few ideas to help you advance:

  • Consider doing a “Trust Audit.” Read all your paperwork and fine print. Is there anything in there that signals to customers that you are trying to protect yourself from them? Anything that gives you the upper hand?
  • Also, consider doing a “Customer Time” review. Are you running your business on company time – your schedule or on customer time – their schedule?

There are many resources available for you here, and we will continue to add more.

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Do we enable customers to
achieve their goals?

This is an opportunity area for you. The companies in the marketplace who are earning organic growth, and customer and employee admiration do so because they design their operation and how they work – from the customers’ point of view.

Here are a few ideas to help you advance this work inside your organization, and with your leadership:

  1. Rethink the work of your business – bring people together and your customers to identify the top 5-8 goals that your customers want to accomplish with you. These can comprise your journey stages…. Or what I call your “business decision blueprint.”
  2. Beyond surveys, consider other ways to get to know your customers’ lives and their goals. We are using ethnography and even “anthropology-driven” listening to understand the goals of those we serve. See my blog post where the good folks at St. Jude Children’s hospital show how they do this.
  3. Rethink how your leaders ask for accountability. One big and actually fast switch could be changing the traditional CEO report out or leadership report out from silo-based report outs – to conversations by customer goal achievement.
  4. Really examine your key performance indicators “KPIs”. Once you know clearly your customer goals, you may be finding that you are measuring the wrong things.

There are many resources available for you (link to general resources page and books pages ) here, and we will continue to add more.

I’m always here for you, too.

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Do acts of leadership bravery make us stand out?

Congratulations on how you earn admirable growth. Your company and leaders have walked away from practices that often create an imbalance between customers and a company. And you earn the admiration of your employees with your actions.

I’d love to know more about how you’re achieving this – and perhaps you’d be a guest on my podcast show.

Please contact me if you’d like to know more. And in the meantime, here are more resources to help you advance!

All in all,

your “3 blocks long” reveals itself in how you…

  • KNOW how you want to be remembered;
  • BUILD how you want to be remembered into actions; and
  • LIVE how you want to be remembered with your behavior.

Memory Creation is the currency of your brand.

I hope that my prodding with these questions has given you clarity to define the memories you want to leave about your meaning… and in how you want others to remember you and think of you.

If you’d like further support, please contact me.

All the very best in your journey,

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