Best of the podcast 2018: Amanda Sachs
December 14, 2018

Best of the Podcast 2018: Implementing CX at a Global Organization with Amanda Sachs of Microsoft [PODCAST]

I’m closing out the year by replaying some of my most popular episodes from 2018. Today’s episode, which many of you seemed to enjoy, features Amanda Sachs, General Manager, Customer & Partner Experience at Microsoft. This is such a multi-faceted interview because CX for Microsoft involves numerous partners and employees that span the world, so not only do we discuss CX at a local level, but we talk about how to make an impact with teams that operate in different cultures.

December 6, 2018

Unite the Silos and Create an Internal Shared Vision When Implementing a CX Transformation [PODCAST]

In this episode, I chat with Alvin Stokes, Senior VP of Customer Experience at Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W), and we discuss how he began a CX transformation in an international telecommunications industry spanning 17 markets.

November 29, 2018

CCO Shares How to Create a Customer-First Health Care System by Directly Engaging Members [PODCAST]

How do you make health care more personal and customer-focused? Antoinette Taranto, Chief Customer Officer at The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing shares some strategies and tactics employed to engage their members.

November 23, 2018

Best of the Podcast: Revamp Your Employee Experience By Rethinking Your Hiring Methods [PODCAST]

Today, I’m replaying one of our most popular episodes from 2018 about the employee experience and building customer loyalty at Hertz with Eric Smuda, VP of Customer Experience and Loyalty. In today’s replay notes, we’re going to focus on Eric’s approach to employee experience at Hertz.

3 Ways to Convey CX Needs to Your Executive Leadership Team Using Research and Empathy

Best of the Podcast: Improve Your Customers' Lives by Stepping into Their Shoes
November 8, 2018

Best of the Podcast: Improve Your Customers’ Lives By Stepping into Their Shoes [PODCAST]

Do you put the needs of your customers first and focus on the value you provide them? We’re replaying an episode that many of you enjoyed, featuring Francis Cordon, the first Chief Customer Officer at Rigor, a SaaS company. In this conversation, Francis and I chat about the importance of putting yourself in your customers’ shows in order to earn your right to customer-driven growth.  

Implement These 5 Tactics to Improve Employee Experience
November 1, 2018

Implement These 5 Tactics to Improve Employee Experience [PODCAST]

As a business leader, do you think about how your approach to hiring impacts your organization and customer experience? In today’s podcast episode, I’m revisiting conversations with two previous guests, Mary Winfield, VP of Customer Experience and Trust at Lyft, and Carolyne Matseshe-Crawford, Head of Fan Experience at Fanatics. Both of these women place a strong value on employee experience, and you’ll hear some of their strategies regarding implementation tactics.

How Two CX Leaders United Their Organizations Under Shared Value Systems to Transform Customer Experience
October 25, 2018

How Two CX Leaders United Their Organizations Under Shared Value Systems to Transform Customer Experience [PODCAST]

Expounding on my latest Daily Dose vlog, I’m revisiting conversations from two CX leaders who have united their organizations to conduct a CX transformation led by a specific purpose and mission that enhances the overall experience. 

Advance your CX Work by Uniting the C-Suite in Their Commitment and Accountability

How to Build in Experiences That Will Earn Customers' Raves: Introducing the "Talk Trigger" with Jay Baer
October 11, 2018

How to Build in Experiences That Will Earn Customers’ Raves: Introducing the “Talk Trigger” with Jay Baer [PODCAST]

In this special video interview, I interview Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert, and author of Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers With Word of Mouth. Jay shares examples from 3 companies (B2C and B2B) who’ve successfully operationalized talk triggers that keep their businesses booming and customers talking.