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Why Choose CustomerBLISS?

To drive past the morass of politics and profusion of reasons why the customer work just isn’t getting done.

As a customer executive, your work driving customer profitability and customer loyalty, to be successful, must become far more about organizational inspiration and change than about one-off tactics and silver bullets. It must be about how leaders require accountability. And it needs to focus on motivating your company to work together; sharing a common set of metrics and outcomes with accountability to customer experience service and profitability.

As a customer service expert, Jeanne Bliss helps leaders and their companies transform thinking by bringing the silo-based operations together to understand the customer perspective. We help you gain consensus on the desired customer experience and customer culture required hand-offs for optimum performance—and ultimately, quantify, prioritize, and overcome the issues creating a chasm between your company and its customers. What you’ll get is straight talk, no-holds-barred feedback on what’s getting in your way and field-tested approaches for engaging your organization.

Become A Company Customers Love And Can’t Live Without.