Build your customer driven growth engine

– Jeanne Bliss

The Five Competencies

A Proven Framework to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

The 5 Competencies connect customer experience to business growth, unite leaders on customer priorities, and shift your business focus to earning the right to grow by improving customers’ lives. We work with you to embed this framework that has advanced the customer experience transformation of companies around the world - into your organization.

Coaching the Chief Customer Officer

I coach Chief Customer Officers to be the architect of the customer-driven growth engine.

Centric Recipes

Simple actions for leaders to advance your customer-driven transformation.

Get to know Jeanne Bliss

“Jeanne Bliss is a Gift to Chief Customer Officers. She brings a practical understanding to the aspiration of leading an organization toward customer-centricity.”
Jo Taylor, Chief Customer Officer.
Vice President Global Marketing Research, Eli Lilly and Company

Bestselling Author


This easily consumed and enjoyable book demystifies how your company can earn the rave of customers and employees in the marketplace. 45 case studies spot-light decisions made by beloved companies that your company can emulate to earn devoted customers, social media accolades and growth, even in a down economy.

Chief Customer Officer

Considered the Chief Customer Officer’s survival guide, this book prepares the CCO for the work ahead, with reality-based tools, audits, templates and stories. Translated into eight languages, this book has become the first purchased by most new Customer Leadership Executives and their teams around the world.

Chief Customer Officer 2.0

A top finalist for 2016 marketing book of the year! A 5-Competency roadmap to build your customer-driven growth engine. This book contains an explicit path and set of actions to unite your Chief Customer Officer and leadership team in leading your customer-driven transformation. It will guide you on how to earn the right to growth by improving customers’ lives.