How Two Leaders Use Customer Journey Mapping As a Tool to Unite Leadership and Address Customer Retention Concerns

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Visitor Journey Map
May 10, 2016

How the Smithsonian Built their Journey Map, with Samir Bitar – [CB4] [PODCAST]

The Smithsonian is a series of 19 museums, all with different focal points. How do customers (guests) move through that experience seamlessly? Samir Bitar has been working on aspects of that question for a decade. I talk to him about guiding the work properly.

Seamless customer experience image
April 1, 2016

How to Build a Seamless Customer Experience

The exercise of creating a customer journey map provides the framework for creating a seamless customer experience. This structure enables you to build the reliable delivery of answers to customers’ questions that will improve their lives.

February 18, 2016

There Are No Secrets to Zipcar’s Journey Map Success

Zipcar facilitates understanding the entire customer journey with a one-page eco-system map (versus the silo-based journeys that are really internal processes that each silo calls a “journey.”)

The Customer Journey Map image
December 17, 2015

The Customer Journey Map Starts with Customers

The customer journey map offers a new starting point for the CX work of the organization. Instead of starting with the silos, you are starting with your customers’ lives. Companies that transform how they grow do so because they think about the customers at the end of their decisions. Their intent is to “earn the right” to grow by improving their customers’ lives.