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Drive past the morass of politics and profusion of reasons why the customer work just isn’t getting done.

CustomerBLISS helps customer leaders and their companies transform thinking by bringing the silo-based operations together to understand the customer perspective. As your customer experience consultant, we help you gain consensus on the desired experience and required hand-offs for optimum performance—and ultimately, quantify, prioritize, and overcome the issues creating a chasm between your company and its customers. What you’ll get is straight talk, no-holds-barred feedback on what’s getting in your way and field-tested approaches for growing your customer base and engaging your organization.

CustomerBliss Offers Three Types of Services
  1. Coaching Customer Leaders
  2. Establishing the Customer Executive Role inside your organization
  3. Driving Executive Accountability

Customer Leadership Coaching.

Clarify Your Role. Create a Roadmap. Make it Achievable.
Put you in a Position for Success.

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The goal of this coaching process is to “teach you to fish;” to help you stage and drive the customer experience work inside your organization and achieve results.  I am behind the scenes, giving you the tools and support to drive the action forward.  However, you are doing the work inside the organization with your resources. As a result, a new set of skills is transferred to you and your team, so that you can lead your organization through the stages of the customer experience roadmap customized to your business. This very operational approach resonates with the organization, and immediately takes the work from something that sounds conceptual to actions people can be held accountable to.

This coaching engagement includes two initial days of on-site coaching, weekly telephone calls, an “on-call” support system between myself and the client.  It also involves the transfer of the many tools, presentations, and materials that have been used successfully and are continuously improved in the real-world corporate environment.  For example, tools include processes for developing a Voice of the Customer,” templates for leading customer experience mapping sessions, and actions for creating accountability processes that drive change and for creating metrics.

Customer experience leadership coaching is customized for each client based on where they are in their customer experience journey, the state of their organization, and leadership commitment.  Most engagements sort into the four categories of work described below.

Stage 1: Review and understand how far along you are in your journey.

This stage involves reviewing your current research, voice of the customer systems, customer experience touch points, projects and other current efforts to date focused on the customer experience.  During this review, we go through everything you have accomplished to-date on your customer experience work, how you are organizing the work, your leadership engagement, etc.  If desired, this stage can also include discussions with leaders and other stakeholders throughout your organization to understand culture, the current stance on how people do their work, and how they drive priorities.

Stage 2:  Create a roadmap for your customer experience work.

We identify a high level path for your customer experience work.  Then we break the work down into 90-day tactical plans.  This becomes your roadmap.  We customize the work plan for you based on your organization, culture, leadership, and ability to execute.  The tactical plan will customize the specific actions for your business along your roadmap, such as how we will go about determining your version of “Guerrilla Metrics,” your customer listening strategy, customer accountability process, how you drive reliability in the current experience, and ensuring the success of your teams created for experience improvement and development.  As we progress in refining your roadmap, we will identify the resources required to assist you. A key part of this stage is determining the right way to facilitate engagement of your volunteer force that is helping you guide this work, as well as continuously engaging your leaders and keeping the organization communicating.  This culture work is often forgotten in the planning.

Stage 3:  Accelerate the Voice of the Customer and ROI metrics.

A critical action item is creating your customer listening engine – the “voice of the customer system.”  As part of the coaching process, we assess how and where you are listening today, how to optimize within your current system, and how to evaluate what you need to build. This assessment involves discussing system vendor partners and assistance in finding the right partner for you in the different elements of this work.  We offer a complete methodology (again complete with slides, tools, templates, decks) that we customize for you to create your plan and process.  Accelerating this listening engine creates the platform for creating the initial phase of customer experience improvements.  As part of this listening review, we discuss and understand your current survey systems and metrics for managing performance.  Again, as needed, we bring in partners to help which may include survey vendor assistance, as well as research resources.

Stage 4:  Drive company-wide customer experience accountability.

This is frequently the hardest, yet most rewarding part of the work.  It involves managing all the moving parts and the many people who signed up for the work enthusiastically in the beginning of the journey.  How do you keep the momentum going?  How do you give it context to the overall customer experience?  This stage often includes assisting with customer experience mapping tools and processes. Most of the improvement efforts people have signed up for require process mapping and customer experience design work, but this is rarely a core competency of most organizations.  So we give you tools to facilitate sessions yourself to begin to give the teams some basic skills. In this final stage, we will also determine the level of additional outside resources you might need to get the process mapping, metrics and improvements going to improve the key “brokens” of the experience.  And then we assess and bring in resources to assist you in completely recreating key experiences.

Customer Experience Consultant

Your work driving customer profitability and loyalty, to be successful, must become far more about organizational inspiration and change than about one-off tactics and silver bullets. It must be about how leaders require accountability.

And it needs to focus on motivating your company to work together; sharing a common set of metrics and outcomes with accountability to customer experiences and profitability.

Coaching, Not Consulting

After having led this work for twenty-five years inside complex organizations reporting to CEO as the "Chief Customer Officer," what I know is that this work has to be led and executed from inside the organization, by a respected, committed member of the company who can navigate the company through the journey. However, translating that journey into a relevant operating plan and a set of actions customized to the company can be daunting, especially when this is a new role.


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Growing Customer Base

Creating the Customer Executive Role for Your Organization

Define the Need. Ensure Your Organization is Ready.
Establish the Criteria for Success.

After consulting with us or reading Chief Customer Officer, you may decide your company needs to appoint a Chief Customer Officer or Chief Experience Officer for your organization. Harnessing her background and experience in living the role and coaching Chief Customer Officers around the world, Jeanne will help you establish if your organization is ready to make this commitment a success through helping you to identify and screen potential candidates for this critical and complex role. Services include:

  • Diagnosing Your Company’s Need for a Chief Customer Officer
  • Ensuring Cross-Company Leadership Advocacy for the Role
  • Defining the Chief Customer Officer Position and Competencies
  • Guidance and Support in the Selection Process
  • Introducing the Chief Customer Officer into Your Organization
  • Creating the Critical CEO / CCO Partnership for Driving the Agenda
  • Success Tracking for the First Six Months
  • Creating the CCO and CEO Roadmap

Once you’ve selected your Customer Leader, Jeanne also offers intensive, personalized coaching services to help the CCO learn his or her new role, win buy-in from the rest of the company, and tirelessly work to integrate the “customer first” mindset in the DNA of your organization.

Executive Team Accountability

Remove the mystery about what the organization should do when leaders say “go focus on the customer.”

While leaders believe in the focus on customers, their plates are so full that they don’t have the time to clearly spell out and direct the organization on where to take that “focus.” The “customer work” is perceived to be layered on top of the “real work.” The customer mantra pales in comparison to the rigor of other areas of the operation where there is clarity on the work to be done and by whom. For example; there is a regular review of sales goals. Not so for the customer work. There is clarity on how to define and track sales performance…but the customer score card is weak and elusive in comparison.

We help you to create reliability in what questions are asked, when, why and by whom. CustomerBliss will help you to establish a regular pattern of accountability and leadership priorities for managing customer experiences and customer profitability. Each plan will be customized. The items listed below are the most common areas to address in engaging leaders, defining a path and creating reliable accountability. We will begin this work through understanding and evaluating what you’ve done and tried, and then can create a go-forward plan that makes sense for your organization and leaders.

We will help you to initiate Customer Accountability Forums, which will make it clear (finally) that people will get accolades for excelling in this area.  As a result, you will, once and for all, have the ability to get the customer work on the agenda in a real and meaningful manner—rivaling, yes, even the quarterly sales goals.

  • Determining the Leadership Platform for Driving Customer Profitability
  • Evaluating Past Efforts, Your Power Core and Determining What Path to Follow
  • Engaging the Leadership in Participating in the Customer Profitability Mission
  • Creating Your Roadmap for Managing Customer Experience and Profitability
  • Creating Your Leadership “Talk Track” for Customer Profitability
  • Establish your version of  customer math to manage the customer asset
  • Developing the Annual “Customer Plan” – to unite investments, focus and projects

Over the past few years Bombardier Aerospace has been on a journey to improve customer loyalty.  Until we engaged Jeanne to help us, we had lots of activity and were expending a great deal of energy, but were not making any progress.  Jeanne's experience and insight was the key to developing our overall strategy and to getting us focused early on what is important in our change program.  As a result, our customers enjoy a measurably improved experience with our company and we are getting better every day.  Thank you Jeanne!

James Hoblyn
President, Bombardier Customer Services & Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft
Bombardier Aerospace

Jeanne's "coaching" approach breaks the traditional consultant approach.  It allows me as a client to be sure that we are getting the best value for the dollars I have to spend; assures that we are driving the project; and focuses the use of Jeanne's expertise in the areas we feel she will add the most value.  The results have fully met our expectations!

Dan Edge
VP-Operations and Government Programs
Dean Health Insurance


You provided us with clear direction and a practical roadmap to begin our journey to improve our customer experience. I continue to refer to “Chief Customer Officer” as THE BOOK - our Bible for Customer Engagement"!

Jack Rawle
Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

We were pleased to work with Jeanne in taking our NPS program to the "Next Level".  We had been conducting a NPS customer loyalty program for three years with some success, but had not previously done customer loyalty surveys.  Jeanne came in and intimately learned where we were in our NPS program.  She helped us to identify our major issues, and then gave us a clear road map of what we needed to do in the short term as well as helping us with our strategic direction.  This was done through coaching a cross functional team, and helping us develop the tools to have a self-sustaining process for improving customer loyalty.   She was extremely effective and flexible in meeting our needs.“

Raymond Gladden
Vice President of Operations