October 16, 2018

4 Customer Experience Potholes to Avoid

In this vlog, I outline 4 customer experience potholes to avoid, things that get in the way from leading a transformation and from making traction. Click through and fill out the form to get the full video of 10 potholes.

October 9, 2018

How Does CX at Not-For-Profits Compare to For-Profit Organizations? A Conversation with Martin Hand of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

For CX Day, I interviewed Martin Hand, chief donor officer of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on going from for-profit to not-for-profit customer experience (donor experience) and how to support a culture of CX throughout the organization. See what he has to say in this short video.

September 25, 2018

Do You Know the Power Core of Your Company? How to Determine and Dance with the Power Core

On a recent episode of my podcast, I talked to Lee Roquet of Yellowfin about the importance of the Power Core, and it’s such an important topic, I wanted to expand upon it in my vlog, and talk about why a lack of understanding of the Power Core may be what’s preventing you from getting traction.

September 18, 2018

How to Understand and Engage the Outliers in Your Organization

In today’s video, I want to share with you a takeaway from my own experience as a CCO and coaching CCOs—on engaging the advocates in your organization, as well as the outliers.

September 11, 2018

The Critical Conversation You MUST Have When Developing Your Customer Journey Map

Do you define your journey based on customer needs or silo objectives? And how do you work with your leadership team to make sure they buy into your customer journey stages, so that you can work hand-in-hand to execute upon them. In today’s episode of “Jeanne Bliss’ Daily Dose…of Reality,” I explore.

September 6, 2018

Jeanne Bliss’ Daily Dose…of Reality: How to Present to Your Executive Team without “Calling Their Baby Ugly”

How do you present your company’s customer experiences without alienating your leadership team? How do you unite the people who created the experiences in the first place around transforming the lives of your customers? In today’s “Daily Dose…of Reality,” Jeanne covers the 3 actions to tell this story effectively.

11 Statements to help Assess

How Has CX Evolved and How Should it Impact Your Company's Growth and Leadership?
August 3, 2018

How Has CX Evolved and How Should it Impact Your Company’s Growth and Leadership? [PODCAST]

Join a lively discussion about the evolution of both customer experience as a holistic experience and of the CXO and CCO roles over the past few decades with New York Times best-selling author Rob Markey. Additionally, I share 7 CX insights from this conversation that you can apply to your organization.

May 22, 2018

5 Companies That Are Changing The Way Businesses Relate To Customers

A unique customer experience is the outcome of a unique company. What I mean by that is that, yes a company can put tactics into place that transactionally are out of the ordinary. But in order to be steadfast in the market, and with customers, employees, and partners, as a company that is unique — they need to address both the internal and external factors to enable them to deliver in a unique manner.