CX Leadership with Google's Catherine Courage
January 3, 2018

Best of the Podcast: How to Create A Path for CX Leadership with Google’s VP of Ads and Commerce UX [PODCAST]

In this 2017 Best of the Podcast episode, I revisit my interview with Catherine Courage, the VP of Ads and Commerce User Experience at Google. Catherine shares practical and strategic advice about how she created the path of her CX leadership role at Google.

December 19, 2017

Best of the Podcast: Defining the CX Role In A Mission-Focused Company with Lyft’s VP of Customer Experience and Trust [PODCAST]

In this 2017 Best of the Podcast episode, I revisit my interview with Mary Winfield, the VP of Customer Experience and Trust at Lyft. Mary shares the leadership qualities that helped her advance the work in her position and how she defines the CX role in a mission-centered company.

Human Duct Tape Show Episode Marc Riesenberg CX and UX
November 21, 2017

The Importance of Good Customer and User Experience in Higher Education with Marc Riesenberg – CB78 [PODCAST]

Have you ever thought about the end-to-end customer experience of a student in higher education? This episode addresses implementing a CX program and improving the UX to enhance the student journey in a for-profit education system.

3 Top Shared Customer Bliss Blog Posts
November 9, 2017

More Than Just a Customer Experience Trend: 3 Top Shared Customer Bliss Blog Posts

We monitor trends to stay on top of “what’s happening next” in the industry, but honestly, there are also some core components of customer experience that will always be in place. Because of that, I’m revisiting three of my top shared posts, which are founded in my core competencies and still highly relevant.

Human Duct Tape Show Ross Garretson
November 7, 2017

Hunter Douglas’ B2B and B2C Customer Experience Leadership with Ross Garretson – CB76 [PODCAST]

I chat with Ross Garretson, Vice President of Customer Experience at Hunter Douglas North America, about how he builds out both the B2B and B2C experience for the worldwide leader in custom window treatments and architectural products.