The 5 Competency Framework

We Work Together to Customize the Five Competencies for Your Business.

The 5 leadership competencies are a proven framework to build your customer-driven growth engine. Working through them will accelerate your customer experience transformation, and take years off your learning curve. In our work together, we customize them for your business, leaders and culture.

Jeanne Bliss Explains the 5 Competencies

“Jeanne's 5 Competencies gave us our roadmap for improving our customer experiences.”
Pat Meyer, President & CEO, Pella Windows

The Five Competencies

The five competencies are a proven framework to guide your customer experience transformation. They will get you into the work quickly, with specific actions to unite your leadership team and company.



“Working with Jeanne Bliss, we went from concept to a robust process and action in less than six months.”
Steve Menneto, Vice President of Motorcycles, Polaris Industries


“Jeanne's five comptencies gave us a clear and concise path for improving client experiences and uniting our leadership team.”
Dan Schrider, CEO, Sandy Spring Bank


What I know from 25 years as a CCO practitioner and over ten years coaching Customer Experience Executives and their leadership teams is that we’ve got to take the reactive nature out of this work.

Customer experience transformation that connects to business growth can only succeed by embedding behaviors and competencies into the organization.  Competencies that will transform how you do work to achieve customer-driven growth.

For this work to become critical to driving business growth, it must rise above the fray of being defined by reactive problem solving to the most recent customer calamity, or chasing survey scores.

The 5 leadership competencies break this work into achievable and operationally understood actions, beyond words and lip service, so that you can build a ‘customer-centric’ leadership team and company.

The benefits of the five competencies:

  • They connect to business growth. The competencies work in tandem to elevate the work from getting a survey score to ‘earning the right’ to growth.
  • You build them at your own pace, and with the actions that are most potent for your culture, your leaders, and ability to take on the work.
  • They build a customer experience improvement process and engine analogous to what people are familiar with for product development, with distinguishable steps, metrics and gating requirements for proceeding.
  • They drive priorities and diminish the “boiling the ocean” approach by driving one-company focus.
  • The specificity of the actions for building the engine comprised from these five competencies clarifies the role of the customer experience executive, such as Chief Customer Officer, Vice President of Customer Experience, etc.
  • The CCO role (finally) becomes clear as facilitator of your customer-driven growth engine, uniting leaders and the organization to make decisions that improve customers’ lives and drive growth.


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  • Contact Jeanne to discuss coaching to accelerate your transformation or a leadership workshop.
  • Read Jeanne's Book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine.
  • Take the Reality-check audit to assess where you are today in embedding the five competencies.