Establish the CCO Role

“No one knows more about the Customer Experience Leadership Role than Jeanne Bliss.”
Scott Dille, Senior Vice President, Director of Client and Employee Experience, Northern Trust


I Guide Leaders in Establishing and Hiring the Chief Customer Officer.
How you define and initiate your Customer Experience Leadership position sets the course for its success and for your company transformation. I help clients achieve success in this process, from engaging leaders and establishing the job description, through candidate selection to ensure that the following conditions are met. To learn more, contact Jeanne.

  • Your CEO knows and commits to conditions for making the role a success
  • Leaders are in alignment on the purpose, activities and outcomes of such a role
  • Leaders are clear about their responsibilities in working with the role
  • The role is framed correctly
  • The best candidate for your company and culture is selected

When you are considering a Customer Experience Executive for your organization, I provide these services.

  1. Engaging with the CEO and leadership team, to:
    1. Align leaders on the components of customer experience transformation.
    2. Discuss conditions for this role to succeed.
    3. Discuss and evaluate the current state of the customer experience.
    4. Gain agreement on the work ahead and the role.
  2. Writing a CCO job description customized to your business.
  3. Determining candidate requirements.
  4. Assisting in the internal or external recruitment decision.
  5. Working with your recruiters to identify candidates.
  6. Educating recruiters and company members on what to look for and ask about in a CCO candidate
  7. Participation in the interview process with candidates
  8. Participation in the final selection process.


Contact Jeanne to discuss defining the role for your company, or unite your leadership team to advance their understanding and adoption of the Chief Customer Officer role for your business.

I Am Pleased to Work with Executive Recruiters Filling the CCO Role:

This may be a new role that you are filling for a key client. Please consider me your partner, assisting you with the services outlined above to help you place the best CCO candidate for your client. To learn more, contact Jeanne.


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  • Take the 5 Competency Reality-Check Audit to increase your understanding of the actions that define the CCO Role, and evaluate your company’s progress to-date in executing them.