Coach to Chief Customer Officers

Jeanne Bliss as Your Coach

“We were seeking a path forward to deliver consistently remarkable experiences for our clients. Jeanne’s guidance and expertise accelerated our progress and kept us laser focused.”
Mark Slatin, Chief Client Officer, Sandy Spring Bank

I coach the Chief Customer Officer to architect the customer-driven growth engine.

This role succeeds when there is clarity about the work, when it connects to business growth, and when it engages the leadership team as partners in the customer experience transformation.

My goal in coaching is to ensure your success in this role: to clarify and elevate your CCO role as architect of the customer-driven growth engine. This moves your role from reacting to survey scores and putting out fires related to the latest customer calamity, to embedding the set of five competencies that will build your customer-driven growth engine.

After leading this work for twenty-five years, and reporting to CEO’s as the “Chief Customer Officer,” I know this work has to be led and executed from inside the organization, by a respected member of the company who can navigate everyone through the journey. However, translating that journey into an operating plan and a set of actions that is customized to the company and business is complex. Without a clear plan and understanding of how the pieces fit together, where the stumbling blocks exist and how to keep moving the work ahead, the work can easily stall and ultimately abandoned.

This is where I help.
I drastically cut down your learning curve. And get you on a path to gain or regain traction.
And of course, I tie the work to growth.

The coaching process includes these deliverables to help you to successfully build your customer-driven growth engine. We engage in 3-month sprints of my coaching support, with specificity for what we will accomplish every three months, until you are ready to go it alone. This is the successful approach to coaching that my clients around the world value in because it places you inside your organization as the leader driving the work. For you to emerge as the customer-driven growth leader in partnership with your C-suite it is key that you take ownership of embedding and building these five competencies as a continuous part of your business operation. These are proven accomplishments resulting from this coaching process.

Coaching Service Deliverables:

  1. Review of your progress in customer experience transformation.
  2. Engage your leaders in understanding and seeing value in the five-competency growth engine.
  3. Establish your roadmap and timeline.
  4. Determine participants based on specific skills for 5-competency engine development.
  5. Kick-off to unite your C-Suite as partners in the transformation.
  6. Kick-off with work teams building out your first version of the 5 competencies.
  7. Tools and templates to guide the build out and customization of the 5 competencies.
  8. Coach the CCO on implementation of the 5 competencies, and guiding each of the competency work teams.
  9. License to use the tools and presentation materials provided so you can continue to lead the transformation.
  10. Based on client need, optional services includ
    1. Customer experience and employee experience mapping to build out Competency 2: Align Around Experience.
    2. Advanced support in building and presenting at your first customer room from Competency 5: One Company Leadership, Accountability & Culture.

One More Deliverable…from me to you.

flatgroceries-1I’m 100% Italian, and grew up with two very Italian grandmas, both of whom I don’t think ever sat down with us at the dinner table. They hovered behind everyone’s chairs with plates of food, never wanting anyone to go away hungry. That behavior continued at the front door, where they wouldn’t let us ever walk away without a bag full of groceries.

When I work with you, you’ll always get my version of that bag of groceries…extra service, extra information, extending time and calls when you need it. Your work is my work. What you sweat over, I sweat over. I’ve walked in your shoes and I know what this work and journey means to you. And I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

To advance your role as the Chief Customer Officer or Vice President of Customer Experience, contact Jeanne to hire her as your coach.