January 6, 2015

Does Your Apology Mean Anything to Your Customer?

Apologies to customers get tossed about freely when things go wrong. But there’s more to an apology than “I’m sorry,” there’s a foundation that supports it and actions that repair the emotional connection. Does your apology have the essential components that give it meaning?

July 9, 2013

How Do You Recover Customer Goodwill?

Apologies to customers are being tossed about very freely these days. But they often are missing the components which give an apology meaning. Yogi Berra knew when Steinbrenner was finally genuine about making amends. And only then did he agree to accept his apology. He could tell that Steinbrenner had had a change of heart.

Beloved companies turn “recovery” into an opportunity that says to customers “Who else would respond this way?” They are zealots about recovering customer goodwill.