August 22, 2013

Do You Know Your Company’s Power Core?

When you begin the customer work, you need to know how closely the reinforced and innate skills of your organization’s Power Core line up with those necessary to drive customer profitability. Knowing your company’s Power Core will connect the dots for you. This knowledge will illuminate why, based on the core of power in your organization, you are able to accelerate some things, but encounter obstacles on other things when it comes to customers.

September 4, 2012

When Product Is the Power Core

If your strength in the marketplace stems from the products you sell, you are striking a chord with customers on the tangible side of the experience equation.

Sustaining that position of strength is dependent on staying relevant. You’re likely a well-oiled machine on making continuous product improvement. There are clear operational metrics that you are used to tracking and delivering on, which is the good news.

The hot spot is the experience wrapped around getting the product into the customers’ hands and serving them after the purchase. There’s a real risk for a product power core company to deliver a defaulted customer experience,