June 9, 2015

When Mistakes Happen – Make it Right and Repair the Emotional Connection

Learn the story of how you say, “Sorry.” Beloved companies don’t consider the job done until the emotional connection with customers is restored. They make it right. They turn “recovery” into an opportunity that says to customers, “Who else would respond this way?”

April 23, 2015

Five Decisions Contribute to the Delivery of a Meaningful Apology

All decisions contribute to the delivery of a meaningful apology. Your apology (how you say sorry) is your humanity litmus test. It’s unavoidable that at some point, your business will suffer a failure that disappoints customers. How your company reacts, explains, removes the pain, and takes accountability for actions signals how you think about customers, and the collective heart of your organization.

January 8, 2015

When Things Go Wrong, Customers See You in the Recovery

When a beloved company apologizes for something that goes wrong, the intent and motivation is to make customers whole—to earn the right to continue the relationship. Their genuine apology transforms into an opportunity that enables customers to think, “Who else would respond this way?”

January 6, 2015

Does Your Apology Mean Anything to Your Customer?

Apologies to customers get tossed about freely when things go wrong. But there’s more to an apology than “I’m sorry,” there’s a foundation that supports it and actions that repair the emotional connection. Does your apology have the essential components that give it meaning?

June 19, 2014

Is Your Company Humble When It Fumbles?

The delivery of products and services — and in many cases, the creation of them — is a human activity. Because we are human, we have good days and bad days. Customers get that more than companies give them credit. When things escalate, it’s often because the blunders seem to be purposefully swept under the rug, and a company doesn’t genuinely apologize and work to make things better.

April 29, 2014

How Proactive Are You in Customer Experience Recovery?

If you want to be the best in customer service, then you need to be proactive about customer recovery. You can’t wait for customers to tell you about a problem. You need to be ahead of them everyday to find the problem and fix it. This means having a proactive recovery plan.