Best of the Podcast: Improve Your Customers' Lives by Stepping into Their Shoes
November 8, 2018

Best of the Podcast: Improve Your Customers’ Lives By Stepping into Their Shoes [PODCAST]

Do you put the needs of your customers first and focus on the value you provide them? We’re replaying an episode that many of you enjoyed, featuring Francis Cordon, the first Chief Customer Officer at Rigor, a SaaS company. In this conversation, Francis and I chat about the importance of putting yourself in your customers’ shows in order to earn your right to customer-driven growth.  

Donors as Assets at St. Jude Hospital
April 19, 2016

How St. Jude Honors Donors as Assets, With Martin Hand – [CB1] [PODCAST]

I speak to Martin Hand, who’s currently CCO of St. Jude but previously held the same role at United Airlines. What’s the difference between customer (or donor)-facing work in non-profit and for-profit? He explains. (Hint: It’s not as big as we think.)

Company Core Values List
April 5, 2016

Why You Need To Establish Your Company Core Values List

A company core values list can sometimes seem like a list of logical buzzwords, but in reality … it’s tremendously important to guiding your culture and how you deal with customers. What separates the great companies from the merely good ones in terms of setting up core values?

April 24, 2014

Creating the Chief Customer Officer Role

What’s your story for creating the Chief Customer Officer role in your organization? How do you execute the tasks to drive culture change and to do the customer experience work? What are your successes? What are your customer experience challenges? I want to know.