How Has CX Evolved and How Should it Impact Your Company's Growth and Leadership?
August 3, 2018

How Has CX Evolved and How Should it Impact Your Company’s Growth and Leadership? [PODCAST]

Join a lively discussion about the evolution of both customer experience as a holistic experience and of the CXO and CCO roles over the past few decades with New York Times best-selling author Rob Markey. Additionally, I share 7 CX insights from this conversation that you can apply to your organization.

May 26, 2015

Evaluate the Personality of Your Communication

Would you want to read your company emails, packing slips and bills?You’ve defined the stages of the experience and the moments of truth that comprise all of the experience touch points. So, where are you with your communication to your customers?

October 9, 2014

Why Do You Track Customers Referrals?

Companies completely focused on customer profitability learn how referral rates differ by customer group and identify the reasons for not referring. They use this information to dig into the reasons behind the numbers and drive change as a result of what they learn.

April 24, 2014

Creating the Chief Customer Officer Role

What’s your story for creating the Chief Customer Officer role in your organization? How do you execute the tasks to drive culture change and to do the customer experience work? What are your successes? What are your customer experience challenges? I want to know.

August 1, 2013

Customers in Captivity – Part 2

We hold customers captive, take away perks and charge for things like never before. So, how can it be that we’re so surprised when customers are walking out the door? After reading “Customers in Captivity,” how much of this stuff would make you feel loyal? Scratch that. After reading this, how much of this makes you downright exhausted and inclined not to buy from a company who would you make you jump through these hoops?

July 25, 2013

Is Your CEO Serious About Driving the Customer Agenda?

I’ve never seen a CEO who wouldn’t sign up for customer loyalty, customer focus and just plain improving things for their customers. It’s getting them to drive the company to do something about it that’s the challenge.

Specific leadership actions occur in companies that have taken the commitment past lip service. Understanding customer issues and what drives customer loyalty become the stuff of everyday conversations. The issues are trended, understood and talked about. Building customer experiences and relationships is considered the true work of the organization – not something layered on the “real” work of achieving quarterly sales goals.

CEO’s that drive customer experience work understand that it’s the inspiration, leadership and organizational change that are the sticking points in making progress.

January 24, 2013

What’s Your Promise?

Does your promise live consistently across your company? Clarity of purpose unleashes the organization’s imagination to make decisions guided by its promise. It’s no wonder that companies with clarity of purpose have the most loyal and engaged employees. The opportunity to deliver to a clear purpose elevates day-to-day tasks, giving work direction and joy.

January 3, 2013

Why a Culture of Belief is Crucial to Customer Loyalty

There is no more powerful testament of trust than belief. “I believe you” means “I trust you.” Beloved companies grasp that most people strive to do the right thing. They decide to believe in their employees and they believe their customers.

Each beloved company makes key decisions that mark its place in the universe with customers. Nurturing the organization is always first among them. That is why so many companies beloved by customers are also beloved by employees. That is why they are the greatest places to work.