January 13, 2015

How Are You Framing the CX Work to Build Customer Reliability?

Begin building credibility in the customer experience work by getting specific and operationally relevant about the customer experiences you will be enabling and building. Engage as early as possible the operational leaders and matrix organizations who you will be working with.

December 19, 2013

Find Out How Much Rock Pushing You Need To Do

The Reality Check Audit covers the seven dimensions of building customer relationships and managing customer profitability. Think of the Reality Check Audit as your “To Do List.” It’s a great way to get the lights turned on inside your corporate machine on how much work this “customer thing” takes. Use it to set expectations and to plot out your priorities.

July 3, 2012

Should Customer Service or the CMO Lead Customer Experience? Introducing the Customer Experience Execution Chasm

Many organizations considering a Chief Customer Officer frequently consider layering the role on to an existing position already held inside the organization. While the Chief Customer Officer work can be led from either customer service or marketing, it’s important to go into this with your eyes open. Layering the customer work on top of existing responsibilities should not be considered a no-brainer.