Recipes for Leadership Listening image
March 10, 2016

Growing Leadership Listening Skills With 6 CX Recipes

Optimize the multiple sources of customer feedback to engage in active leadership listening. Get leaders and the organization to hear and respond to your customers’ stories, which builds your united one-company story based on the customer journey framework.

critical touch points
November 24, 2015

Four Critical Touch Points – Your Opportunity For Experience Reliability that Differentiates You

Failure to perform with reliability at critical touch points disappoints customers. These moments impact a customer’s evaluation of value delivered. Experience reliability can be hard to achieve, and the root cause of this lies firmly in the fact that there is no reliability in how to do this work. The selection and improvement approaches vary by silo and leader priority. In most companies, a deeply rooted one-company approach to caring about (and improving) customer experiences and customer lives does not exist.